POLL: What Did You Think of Harrison Morgan's Character In Dexter: New Blood?

Harrison is the most controversial 'Dexter' character since Hannah McKay.


Last time we saw Harrison Morgan in the original series was in Argentina, where he was living with Hannah McKay after Dex faked his death. When his stepmother died of cancer in 2018, he ended up being sent to various foster homes in the United States. A couple of years later, teenage Harrison found out his father is alive, he returned to his life, but things weren't easy. Over the course of 20 days, their father-son relationship had many ups and downs, and their last scene together wasn't very... pleasing for some fans. What's your opinion on Harrison's character in Dexter: New Blood? Vote in our poll below! Note: If you clicked on "Show Results" before voting on the poll but you can't go back and vote, just refresh the page.

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