Jack Alcott Age - How Old Is The Actor Who Plays Teenage Harrison Morgan In Dexter: New Blood?

The biggest... "mystery" about the actor has been finally solved!


Jack Alcott is a talented and promising actor from Franklin, Tennessee, a town of 77,939 people 20 miles south of Nashville. In Dexter: New Blood he portrayed Dexter Morgan's long lost son Harrison, who's now and teenager.

Months ago, when we asked him to reveal his real age, he denied by saying that he likes that it's a mystery. Hiding his age was perhaps part of the NDA (non disclosured agreement) he signed for the show. So, how old is the man who played the traumatized teenage son of our favorite fictional serial killer? Find out below!

Jack Alcott is 25 years old! He was born on October 24, 1996.

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