Edward Olsen: The Scene We Never Saw - Here's What Happened To The Billionaire Oil Tycoon

Dexter: New Blood's red herring?


At the beginning of the season, we saw a good bit of Edward Olsen out and about in Iron Lake. Last time the super rich oil tycoon who had unlimited resources appeared on screen was in episode 3 "Smoke Signals". The character which was portrayed by actor Fredric Lehne didn't show up in any of the upcoming episodes, and in one for our pre-finale prediction polls, the majority of the fans actually expected him to appear in episode 10 as they thought his role was in the larger picture of the story. In a recent interview with BingetownTV podcast, director Marcos Siega explained what his mysterious character was about.

Marcos said that Olsen was always a red herring: "I think what people missed is when he flew off and left. It happened at the same episode when we revealed the killer was Kurt. When we started, the idea was to keep Clancy a secret". 

He also claimed that his initial thought about the role of Edward Olsen was a "big name", so people could think he's the one that kills the runaways. "We just set it up as a red herring, and that's what it was. The fact that people are asking [about him] means it was effective."

Photo from the deleted episode 5 scene. | Showtime

According to the director, the final Edward Olsen scene we never got to see, took place in episode 5. Around the 35th minute of "Runaway" we see Harrison walking down the streets of Iron Lake for sixteen seconds, but the scene was supposed to be longer and include Audrey too. 

Last time she saw Harrison was at the party earlier in the episode, when he overdosed. In the deleted scene she's asking him if he's okay, if he needs a ride. Then Olsen's helicopters fly above their heads, and Angela's daughter's showing her middle finger at his chopper. And that's it.

Photo from the deleted episode 5 scene | Showtime

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