Dexter: New Blood's M99 vs. Ketamine Debate - Marcos Siega Explains the Truth Behind the "Plot Hole"

Etorphine... or Ketamine?


During the eighth episode of the season "Unfair Game" we see Angela doing her own online BHB research at her place. She's suspecting her own boyfriend of injecting the drug dealers of Iron Lake with Ketamine, and she Googles "Ketamine Miami Homicide", with the search engine results explicitly stating that "Doakes’ victims were rendered unconscious with Ketamine injected into their neck." As we all know, back in the good old Miami days, Dexter was drugging his victims with a syringe full of M99.

Some people immediately thought Dexter: New Blood has retconned the Bay Harbor Butcher's original drug of M99 (aka Etorphine) to Ketamine. Executive Producer and director Marcos Siega recently spoke with BingetownTV's podcast about the Ketamine/M99 debate. Find out what he said below!

Marcos Siega said: "Take the Ketamine out of this season, and imagine that we had the same scenes, but it was called M99. Fans would be like it's a little convenient, if they have that there, that's what he used before, but if you google "M99" and "Ketamine", in real life there's a word that ends in "-ine" (Etorphine) like Ketamine ends in "-ine". In toxicology reports they're the two most misdiagnosed drugs". 

He added: "People are constantly confusing the two of them in real life. In our story, when Angela's using Google, she's just putting pieces together, remember the information she has... she's like "Bay Harbor Butcher, Miami, the wheel marks" and now Ketamine, so she googles "Ketamine" and "Bay Harbor Butcher" or "Miami homicide", but the answer was not "Bay Harbor Butcher just used Ketamine", that's not what the answer was, that would have been an oversight."

He continued: "When you google something and you put in two words like "Miami homicide" and "Ketamine", it's going to give you all the things where those two words show up (the relevant results). In one of the BHB stories and I think that we went out of our way to say it, what she looks at is the equivalent of a fan site, it's people who are sleuthing and trying to figure out what they are, it was a big mystery. What she sees in the Google search is that there are people who thought it could have been Ketamine in their (Dexter's victims) system. It wasn't inclusive. Conclusive evidence for her is going to be Batista. At the end she's like "he's going to come up here" and Batista's like "I'm gonna bring everything I have", and they're gonna put it all together. Could we have called it M99? Sure. I think that would have been just a little eye rolling. I don't mind the debate. There's a reason for everything and we did think about everything." 

Watch the video below:

Earlier this month, executive producer and writer of Dexter: New Blood Scott Reynolds, claimed they did that minor change, because they wanted a reason to use the song "Ketamine" by Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum (Michael's band) to the show. 

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