The Song From The End Credits of Episode 5 ‘Runaway’

This is the first time in years, a Dexter episode didn't end with the "Blood Theme".


If you've seen the latest episode of Dexter: New Blood "Runaway" then you might have noticed something different at the end of the episode: An actual song, replaced Daniel Licht's "Blood Theme". The last time this happened was back in 2006 on Dexter's very first episode, with the song "El Cayuco" by Mambolero All-Stars. Episode 5 "Runaway" ended with a familiar track for the fans of Michael C. Hall and his band "Princess Goes To The Butterfly Museum".

Fun fact: The 1st and the 101st episode of Dexter are the only ones without the Blood Theme in their closing credits. 

Princess Goes To The Butterfly Museum's 2019 debut single, "Ketamine" is a slow ballad, and matches perfectly with the episode, for obvious reasons. Hit the play button below to hear it!

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