So Many Easter Eggs! Listen To The Full Episode of Molly Park's Podcast "Merry F*cking Kill" About Trinity

Showtime just dropped the 10-minute episode of the true-crime podcast!


Molly Park, a character that was introduced in the third episode of Dexter: New Blood "Smoke Signals" is a true-crime podcaster from Los Angeles who came to Iron Lake. In the latest episode "H is For Hero" we see Harrison getting a message from Audrey for Merry Fucking Kill's official website. 

While scrolling down, he recognizes Trinity, listens to the episode about him, and goes nuts by the words Molly's using about him witnessing his mother's murder. Listen to the episode below! Warning, it contains tons of Miami easter eggs

Looks like Molly Park knows Joey Quinn, Christine Hill, Rita Morgan, Brian Moser, and other people that were involved in Dexter's life. 

Episode 113 of her podcast is dedicated to the Bay Harbor Butcher, and the next episode after the Trinity Killer one, is about the Ice Truck Killer. Hit the play button below to listen!

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