POLL: What Did You Think of The Trinity Killer Cameo In Episode 7?

"There, there... daddy will be home soon".


The highly anticipated return of the Trinity Killer finally happened in the latest episode of Dexter: New Blood. In one of the final scenes of episode 7, we see Harrison admitting to his father that he's f*cked up. He explained that he grew up having nightmares about Trinity, but after listening to Molly's podcast about him in episode four, he realized they weren't just bad dreams. Then we see him flashing back Rita's death, which was one of the most shocking and disturbing moments in the history of the show, from baby Harrison's point of view! 

We're not sure if John Lithgow filmed more scenes for future episodes, but how do you feel about his cameo? Did it fullfil your expectations? Vote in our poll below!

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