Michael C. Hall Receives A Pair of Dexter-Themed Custom Sneakers Made By A Fan!

So... bloody awesome!

Rupsy Banks/Instagram

Earlier this week, Dexter: New Blood star Michael C. Hall received a super cool gift... in a plastic trash bag! Rupsy Banks, a fan who loves customizing sneakers, made a pair of them inspired by Dexter! The result was absolutely amazing, and of course Michael was more than happy with the present. More photos below!

Rupsy Banks via Instagram: "I’ve been a fan of the show for years. I’ve watched every episode multiple times. He’s a lovable psychopath with a taste for revenge. If you’ve watched the show, I’m sure you’re a fan.

As soon as I heard Showtime was bringing Dexter back for a final season, I knew I had to make a shoe.

This pair of shoes took weeks to complete. I had a ton of obstacles to over come, working with materials I’ve never used, creating swooshes from scratch and filling them with blood isn’t easy lol.

But, the mission was to create a pair of sneakers that Dexter would love and I’m so proud to say they have arrived to they’re rightful owner safely! From the looks of it, I’d say he likes them!"

Rupsy Banks/Instagram

Rupsy Banks/Instagram

Rupsy Banks/Instagram

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