Dexter's Dream Sequence From Episode 8 Was Originally Written For Harrison In Episode 7

The extremely violent scene was initially Harrison's dream!


The first scene of episode eight "Unfair Game" was definitely a memorable one, and included a really awesome Easter egg back from episode 11 of Dexter's first season. In the most recent episode of the Fanaddicts podcast, actor David Magidoff aka Teddy Reed, revealed that the scene was initially written for episode seven "Skin of Her Teeth" and it was a dream for Harrison, and not for Dexter!

Magidoff said: "Sandy (director Sanford Bookstaver) was like 'come check this out' and I got to watch this cut he was so proud of. This all in one shot scene where Harrison is now taken over in his cabin by the Moose Creek wrestling team, and he starts to slice and dice them up. That was for episode seven and it was a dream sequence for Harrison. This is what originally it was. I didn't make it into episode seven because they're moving things around, and they clearly made a fun moment in episode eight where it was a dream for Dexter Morgan. And I thought that was a very interesting choice."

ICYMI: You can listen to the full episode of Fanaddicts podcast right here.

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