Clancy Brown Revealed That He Was Asked To Play Harry Morgan on Dexter Back In 2005 [Updated]

"Glad I didn't do it because James Remar was so good in it" Clancy said.

James Remar and Clancy Brown in 2006 | Showtime/ABC

Clancy Brown was Rich Eisen's guest on Peacock's sports show. He talked about his favorite scene from the 1994 film ‘The Shawshank Redemption’, his bloody role on Dexter: New Blood as Kurt Caldwell, and he also sang happy birthday to his 92-year-old mom. Watch the video(s) below!

Oh his role on Dexter: New Blood he said: "I took it because it was the pandemic, and I hadn't worked in about a year. I do remember the first iteration of it, and when it was being cast around, they were considering me for Remar's part for a minute. Glad I didn't do it because [James] Remar was so good in it. I didn't watch it though, but as soon as they were interested (for New Blood) I started watching all of it, and was kind of amazed by how terrific it is".

UPDATE: Clancy Brown told DexterDaily that he was never offered the role of Harry.

The Dexter-related part of Clancy's interview begins at 1:15

...or you can watch the full interview below:

The Rich Eisen Show/Twitter

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