Aimee Garcia aka Harrison's Nanny Reveals Whether She's Going To Appear In The Next Episodes of Dexter: New Blood

Will Jamie Batista appear in Dexter: New Blood like her brother did?


Aimee Garcia played Harrison's nanny and Angel's sister Jamie in seasons six, seven and eight of the original series, and she was definitely an important part in Harrison's early life. In a new interview with 'Literally Joe', the former Lucifer and Dexter co-star revealed if she will make an appearance in the next few episodes of Dexter: New Blood, like her "brother" did.

Aimee says she won't be appearing in Dexter: New Blood: "No! I wish but I'm so excited they're doing it again. Michael C. Hall's great and David [Zayas]'s great, and Jennifer is great. So... no I'm so bummed, but you know I'm glad they're gonna give us more Dexter which I was very excited personally as a fan."

The Dexter-related part of the interview starts at 15:41

The Ice Truck Killer fake hand replica in the left bottom corner is quite awesome! Well done, Aimee!

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