David Magidoff On The Story Behind Teddy Reed's Mustache, Promises Bloody Dexter: New Blood Season

David Magidoff talks about Dexter's new season!

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In a new interview with Screen Rant, David Magidoff, aka the actor who portrays Teddy Reed in the new season of Dexter, talks about what to expect in the next episodes, the original series finale, and his all-new Dexter Fannadicts podcast which is scheduled to drop every Monday! Watch his interview below!

The story about Teddy's muchache:

David: I would say the story of the mustache is that I had it. I shot an Aflac commercial with Rob Riggle and Lil Rel [Howery], on the way out driving to Massachusetts. It just happened that way. We shot it in Vegas. I had the mustache, they wanted me to have the mustache in the commercial. It was great. So by the time I got to Massachusetts, I was like, well, I'll just keep it on. I don't know. I'll just show it to them. And so I'm literally sitting there in hair and makeup. And I'm like, "Do you want me to keep it?" and they're like, "We'll take a photo and send it to Clyde." And then Clyde was like, "I love it. Keep the mustache." So that's why Philips said yes to the mustache.

He also teased the rest of the season:

David: There is a reason why it's in the snow because, you know, blood-red looks pretty good on snow, doesn't it? So we definitely as a production, take that to the tilt. And so I think that's a good thing. I think it'd be really disappointing if Dexter: New Blood didn't have a lot of blood. They literally put it in the title. But as far as what happens, I mean, I guess what I can say is kind of like you were saying it's a different tone, it's a different feel. At the same time, there are just expectations that come with bringing and doing the revival of the show, right. So we know that it'd be really sad if people didn't die. Like that'd be really weird.

We know people will die. But the way in which it happens and how it happens, and who it happens to, and why it happens I think is really cool. Because you're getting a different vibe with the Dexter Morgan character that Michael C. Hall plays so beautifully.

By the way, he's like, the nicest guy in the world and the funniest guy in the world. He plays it so well because he's such a good actor. And I'm inspired by him, but I think the Dexter Morgan character is a different person 10 years later. And so it's everything's being approached - the way death happens in his life is very different in this limited series than the way death was. I think that's really charming. I think that's really interesting. Did I do a really good job of essentially saying nothing really well? [laughs]

Source: Screen Rant

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