Clyde Phillips Reacts To The Director's Cut For The Dexter: New Blood Finale: "I Was Watching With Tears Streaming Down My Face" [Video]

The Dexter: New Blood showrunner teased the finale in a new interview!


“It exceeded them actually,” says Showrunner Clyde Phillips when asked whether, the new season of Dexter met his expectations. “I was just watching my first time going through the finale. I was watching the director’s cut, it’s a script that I wrote,” he reveals. “I think it’s the best thing I’ve ever written; I was watching with tears streaming down my face.” Watch the full interview below!

“We all wanted to not just redeem the end of season 8, but to acknowledge that time had passed. We wanted to regain the trust of the audience, because I think in the last four years, particularly in the last couple of years of the show, all of the code and intimacy and rigor that Dexter would put himself through slipped away, and then the audience was watching a different show than they had signed up for in the first four years.”

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