All Songs From Dexter: New Blood Episode 3 ‘Smoke Signals’

The third episode of Dexter: New Blood includes seven tracks!


"Dream... dream dream, dream..." The third episode which is titled "Smoke Signals" featured seven songs from different decades, and you can listen to all of them right below!

Leonard Cohen - Avalanche (1971)
(Dexter creates a fake scent trail with Matt's vest)
Del Shannon - Runaway (1961)
(The girl tries to run away but ends up dead)
The Pistols - I Just Really Think I Miss You (2021)
(Molly Park entering the crime scene)
Lunachicks - Bad Ass Bitch (1999)
(From the bloody funny scene with Deb and Matt's body)
Everly Brothers - All I Have To Do Is Dream (1964)
(The killer, cleaning and embalming the girl's body)
Japan, Man - Stop Staring (2020)
(Audrey and Harrison car scene)
The Tonettes - My Heart Can Still Feel The Pain (1966)
(From Edward Olsen's car)

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