POLL: Grade Dexter Season 6 As A Whole!

'Grade The Seasons' by DexterDaily. What did you think of the sixth season?


Dexter: New Blood is only 33 days away, and it is time for you to grade the first season with Scott Buck as showrunner.

Dexter Season 6 premiered a decade ago, on October 2, 2011. In brief: It picks up 18 months after the fifth season. Dexter meets Brother Sam an ex-con who makes him consider the nature of faith. He's also stalking Travis Marshall who turns out to be the only Doomsday Killer. He's a deluded, religious fanatic who displays his victims in grisly, Biblical-themed tableaux. Dex finds himself teamed up with a fellow Dark Passenger (Brian Moser) when he takes a road trip to Nebraska to tie up some loose ends from the past. Debra gets promoted to lieutenant, and weeks later, after a series of therapy sessions she realizes she's in love with her brother.

Grade Dexter's sixth season, below!

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