Michael C. Hall Talks Dexter's Return: "We Had To Wait For Harrison To Grow Up - I Felt Like I Owed It To Myself To Explore It Further"

New Michael C. Hall interview with Entertainment Tonight!


Michael C. Hall recently talked with Entertainment Tonight's Matt Cohen about Dexter: New Blood. He explained why now is the right time for America's favorite serial killer to return, and revealed that the desire to right the wrongs was definitely a factor in wanting to reprise the beloved role.

"It has everything to do with how much time has passed and that the story hinges on the relationship between Dexter and his son. And his son is now a full-grown young man -- or almost a young man," 

"Why now is the question. Ultimately we had to wait for Harrison to grow up and I think taking this much time away allows the return to the character feel like a bit of a surprise, but it hasn’t been so much time that people have completely put it so far in the rearview that they don’t even remember it."

He also reminisced about the experience of returning to a character he hasn't played in eight years, confessing that "it was a trip."

"It was really wild. I didn’t know really what to expect but I found that once I showed up and started shooting that he was still very, very much alive," Michael recalled. "He was still very familiar. He is obviously in a completely different context and has come a long way from where we left him but he was still very available to me, which was reassuring and creepy."

"I think the biggest difference was the fundamental differences that in these eight years or near decade since we left him, he hasn’t killed anybody. He has been abstinent. He's been dedicated to this sober life and has managed it in this very isolated way. He's a guy who is dead to himself as far as he is concerned, but as you can imagine, the cameras are turning back on probably because he is going to come back to life."

"I totally get people's dissatisfaction with the way the show ended 'cause it didn't really end. It just left us in this pretty unresolved funny certain place and while I thought that it made sense for the character to find himself in that position and to put himself in this self-imposed exile after all the chaos after the show, I would get why it was pretty unsatisfying... and infuriating for fans," Michael said. "They spent all this time and were longing for something that answered some questions or tied some things up or did something that the finale didn't manage to do. But if nothing else, it did set the stage for what we've been up to for the last several months in this new show, so maybe that's the silver lining."

"Just as I knew that the show didn't sit that well in its finale with viewers, it didn't sit that well with me and I felt like I owed it to myself to explore it further if it came up. That it made sense and it did and owed it to the character and owed it to the fans for sure."

Source: ET

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