Johnny Sequoyah And David Magidoff Reunite To Record ADR For Dexter: New Blood In L.A. [Photos]

From Massachusetts to L.A. for Dexter.

David Magidoff/Instagram

Mini Dexter: New Blood reunion in Los Angeles, last Friday! Two main cast members from the upcoming season, Johnny Sequoyah (Audrey) and David Magidoff (Teddy) reunited to do ADR.  What's ADR? It stands for “Automated Dialogue Replacement” and it's a process where an actor recreates their performance on the set, with a near-perfect lip sync.

Here's an Instagram story posted by David Magidoff. The screen that shows Dexter Morgan wearing a hat, is probably the one we've already seen in previous trailers, where he stands next to Kurt on a crime scene in the woods. As you can see in the pic below, the actor covered the paper than includes his lines.

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