Dexter Morgan And The Date On His 'Fred's Fish & Game' Calendar [Photo]

Looks like December 9, 2021 is going to be a significant day for Dex.


Showtime shared the above photo on it's official Dexter account on Twitter few hours back, and it shows something we've seen briefly in the official trailer that was released weeks ago: The moment Dexter crosses off the date (December 9) on his calendar, with a red marker which spills out on the floor looking like blood.

How many calendars are hanging on the wall? We can count at least five. Is this an indication about the year Dexter Morgan left Oregon - where he worked as a lumberjack - for Iron Lake? Perhaps yes. 

Seems like 2017 was the year Dex moved to Iron Lake, and has been working at 'Fred's Fish & Game' ever since.


As for the red marker that spills out, it is obviously an indication that Dexter is reaching his breaking point, after almost a decade without murdering someone.

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