Showtime Releases A Third Mystifying Teaser For The New Season Of Dexter

"Powerful. Sharp. Well-Balanced."


The premiere of Dexter: New Blood is only two months away, and Showtime just released yet another Instagram teaser. It was followed by the caption "Powerful. Sharp. Well-Balanced. (Two out of three isn’t bad.)" and shows a bloody cleaver floating beneath the same frozen lake as the previous two teasers. 

The first teaser shows a straight razor, the second one a shoe, which apparently belongs to a returning character. Continue reading to learn more, and watch the latest teaser. 

Here's the shoe from the second teaser:


...which actually belongs to Harrison Morgan. As you can see in the following set photo from April, actor Jack Alcott who portrays Dexter's son in the new season, is rocking the same brown shoes.

Hit the play button to watch today's teaser.

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