POLL: Grade Dexter Season 5 As a Whole

'Grade The Seasons' by DexterDaily. What did you think of the fifth season?


Dexter: New Blood is only 51 days away, and it is time for you to grade the first post-Clyde Phillips season of Dexter, aka season five!

Dexter Season 5 debuted on September 26th, 2010. It picks up minutes after the events of the season 4 finale. Dexter reels from Rita's murder, but tries to focus his energy on Harrison, Astor and Cody, and fight his dark urges. Quinn pursues the theory that Trinity did not kill Rita. Dexter unexpectedly meets Lumen, a near-victim of the 'Barrel Girl case' and tries to help her. Then they both start hunting down her former captors, one of them is Jordan Chase.

Grade Dexter's fifth season, below!

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