Jamie Chung Reveals Her Character Molly Parker Will ‘Shake Things Up’ On Dexter: New Blood

The actress shared more details about her role as 'Molly Parker'!


Jamie Chung, recently spoke with website HollywoodLife about Dexter: New Blood, and she revealed some interesting and spoilery things about her role as a true-crime podcaster named Molly Parker. 

Read the interview below, and... beware of spoilers!

Jamie told HollywoodLife: “Molly is a confident, accomplished, and self-made journalist. She found a lot of success as a true-crime podcaster, and as I’ve mentioned before is new to the world of Dexter and you can imagine how that shakes things up in his quiet world.”

“She is sassy, unapologetic, and a damn good armchair detective. I also like to think that she adds a lot of color and fun to this revival series.”

Jamie admitted that she was a Dexter super fan. “I was recently reminded of an interview I did from almost 10 years ago, where I named Dexter as one of my dream jobs! Serendipity at its finest!”

“It was also delightful playing a character who’s made a name for herself in the true-crime podcast world, adding a new threat to Dexter and his true identity.

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