All The New Dexter And Debra Morgan Quotes From The Official Dexter: New Blood Trailer

The newest Dexter: New Blood trailer had some really cool quotes in it.


It has been an entire week since Showtime dropped the official Dexter: New Blood trailer. Fans are really excited about the new season, and the feedback is generally very positive. Aside from the additional information about the Kurt's killer activities, and Harrison's return, the new trailer offered us some new quotes by Dexter, his long-gone sister Deb, as well as Angela Bishop, and Harrison Morgan.

View all the newest quotes below!

"This is my life. A wolf among sheep". 

(Dexter monologue)

"People don't just disappear. There's always a reason". 

(Angela to Dexter)

"If she's right, how many other victims are there?" 

(Dexter monologue)

"You're a serial killer. You love that you're getting away with murder, you cannot wait to kill again".

('Ghost' Debra to Dexter)

"Have you learned nothing?" 

('Ghost' Debra to Dexter)

"It's a scary world out there". 

(Dexter... to Harrison?)

"Monsters walk among us. I might still be a monster. But I'm an evolving monster". 

(Dexter monologue)

"Are you Dexter Morgan? It's me, your son". 

(Harrison to his father)

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