POLL: Jack Alcott Will Play Teenage Harrison - What Do You Think Of The Casting Choice?

Showtime announced Harrison Morgan's return earlier this week.

Showtime/Edited by DexterDaily

So, it is official. Dexter will re-unite with Harrison in the new season. During Tuesday's TCA 2021 press tour, Showtime decided to post a behind-the-scenes image on their Twitter account showing Jack Alcott and Michael C. Hall together between takes. It was followed by the caption "Harrison, is that you?" #Dexter".

This wasn't a surprise to DexterDaily's readers though, as we exclusively revealed it first, two months ago. Dexter and Rita's son is now a teenager (13 to 14 years old) and he's portrayed by Jack Alcott, a talented and promising young actor in his early 20s. What's your opinion on the casting choice? Cast your votes below!

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