Michael C. Hall Talks ‘Starkly Different’ Season 9, Avoids To Answer Question About More Dexter Seasons

Michael C. Hall teases Dexter: New Blood in a brand new interview.


Website Collider.com recently got the opportunity to chat 1-on-1 with Michael C. Hall mainly about his new film 'John and the Hole', his alternative rock band 'Princess Goes To The Butterfly Museum', and Dexter: New Blood.

Back in late June, when Phil Williams of Times Radio asked Michael if there will be more episodes or seasons for Dexter, he replied: "I'm going to say... maybe." Well, in the interview you're about to read, he avoided to respond to a similar question.

Read the Dexter-related part of the interview below!

Collider: There has been a lot of talk, over the years, about Dexter coming back, and you never know what to believe with this things, until it actually happens. Aside from the COVID of it all, how was it making the new season compared to what you had done? How did it feel to step back into that character?
Michael: It was very odd, at first. The notion that as much time had passed for the character, as had passed for me and for everyone, since we last shot, there was a sense of, “Oh, they just turn the cameras back on and he’s being living a life the entire time.” But the context of the show, the tone of the show, the look of the show, all of it is pretty starkly different, so that helped, just in terms of locating myself in a new place and not feeling like we were going back in time. He was still there and accessible. I had a sense of him that initially felt strange. Something you put away and then you’re resurrecting, it’s a pretty wild experience. The shoot was so demanding and intense that, after a couple of days, there really wasn’t much to do other than just focus on the work at hand, and that’s what we did.

Collider: Obviously it depends on viewers, but if the demand is there for it, would you want to do another season, or did you go into it as a one and done season and that’s it?
Michael: In the interest of not revealing anything by answering that question definitively, I won’t answer it.

Collider: He definitely seems like a character that wouldn’t necessarily be the easiest to reinhabit for a long period of time.
Michael: Yeah, he’s got a little bit more than the normal dose of dark.

Collider: Do you know what you’re going to do next?
Michael: Acting wise, I don’t know. I’ve been making music with a couple of guys in a band. We’re called Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum. We released an EP, and then a full-length record this past year, and we’re working on another one. We’re gonna playing shows in New York and perhaps going on a mini tour. So, I’m gonna be doing that for the next few to several months. As far as any upcoming acting gigs, I haven’t committed to anything yet.

Click here for the full interview if you're interested in what Michael had to say about his film 'John and the Hole'.

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