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Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Clyde Phillips Says The Dexter: New Blood Title Sequence Won't Resemble The Original

Clyde Phillips says there will be a big change to Dexter's famous opening credits.

Art of the title/Showtime

At the Television Critics Assosiation press tour panel for Dexter: New Blood that took place yesterday, Clyde Phillips said something that might disappoint fans, especially those who never skip the opening sequence on a rewatch. 

The viewers should expect the title sequence (if there is actually one) to be very different than the original one from seasons 1-8.

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“We haven’t really completely closed the idea of what the new titles are, but they will not [incorporate] the cheekiness of what we had before, the jauntiness and irony of what we had before,” Clyde said. 

Phillips didn't explicitly deny or confirm if there will be a title sequence in the upcoming season, but given the darker tone and direction, it will be different from the original, known as Dexter's daily morning routine

“The viewer should expect that the title sequence, if there is even a sequence... will be very different from what they’ve seen before.”

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