Dexter Morgan Tries To Ditch His Serial Killer Past - Dexter: New Blood | Season 9 Trailer Breakdown!

Dexter Morgan is back, and so is his Dark Passenger.


New season, new adventures for Dexter Morgan aka everyone's favorite serial killer, who still can't escape himself. On Sunday, after the Dexter panel at Comic-Con@Home ended Showtime finally released the highly anticipated sneak peek trailer for the new season, which will be called Dexter: New Blood. 

While the trailer doesn't reveal much about the story for the new season, actually it doesn't reveal anything at all (thankfully), it gives us an idea of Dexter's life after all these years.

Continue reading for a detailed breakdown (60+ screenshots) of the newest Dexter trailer, below. Possible spoilers ahead!

Click the play button below to rewatch the trailer:

Dexter Morgan, former blood spatter analyst at Miami Metro Police, has managed to avoid detection for his past activities for a decade. He now lives in a little fictional town in Upstate New York called 'Iron Lake'. He works at an outdoors store (Fred's Fish and Game) around plenty of knives, and doing his best to live a normal life.

The trailer also shows that Dex has started a new life under the alias of Jim Lindsay and while he's trying to blend in, he developed a new romance with Chief of Iron Lake Police Angela Bishop.

But, as the video reveals, you can't really run from your past. Knives play a big role in the trailer as Dexter Morgan looks tempted by or handling hunting knives at several points throughout the video.

Duration: One minute and twenty seconds.

Song played during the trailer: "Runway" by Del Shannon (1961). Hear it below!

(You can click at the trailer screenshots below, for full size)

The trailer starts with Dexter looking stressed and worried. It looks like he's in a therapy session, but the man who's talking to him sounds like Kurt Caldwell who's played by Clancy Brown. 

Showtime logo on ice.

Here's the exterior of Dexter's house in the new season. A cabin the woods.

An axe stuck into a snowy stump.

Dexter wearing a black cap. This is the first time ever we actually see him wearing those kinds of clothes. Because, you know in Miami they were actually useless.

Iron Lake (Shelburne Falls).

Oh, the "Jimbo" guy again! His voice has been stuck in our heads ever since the 'Around Town' teaser.

A different Dexter Morgan angle from the 'Around Town' teaser.

The look, of love, is in... her eyes! Dexter isn't single anymore. Angela Bishop (chief of the Iron Lake Police) is going to be his girlfriend this season. According to what actress Julia Jones said at the Comic-Con@ Home Dexter panel, Angela and Dexter have been together for quite a long time.


The store where Dexter works at. Fred's Fish and Game. Notice an editing mistake by Showtime on the top left corner?

Jim Lindsay. Sales associate.

Dexter preparing the store. We are open!

Interesting. Fred's Fish and Game also sells weapons...

Nice hunting knife.

Dexter looking skeptical.

Sharpening the knives.

A crazy local customer at Fred's. 

He starts stabbing around the air.

"Whoa, easy there!"

"I kinda have a thing about blood". Love they way Dexter's staring at the customer here. Great acting.

Classic Dexter fake smile.

"There's a problem?" Dexter will have to deal with lots of stupid customers.

Walking the Iron Lake bridge like:

Dex suspiciously looking at someone or something.

Sharpening the tools.

Dexter's daily morning routine. Bacon and fried eggs!

Dex looks worried here, or at least he's pretending to be. 

Actor Alano Miller who plays a police officer named 'Logan' hanging out with Dexter Jim.


Police at crime scene.

Dexter and Kurt at a crime scene in the woods.

Dexter being worried and anxious.

Dexter at the incinerator.


Dexter's inside "Gig's Butcher Shop".

Old habits...

....die hard.

Dexter loves sharp objects.

Staring at his own reflection.

A woman is running scared at the beach in the middle of the night.

Who is that? Some people claim this man is actually Kurt Caldwell. What do you think?

So, this leather case from the "Around Town" teaser has killer tools inside. Perhaps everybody in this little town knows he's carrying knives, because he's sharpening them at his store, Fred's Fish and Game.

Angel Bishop suspiciously looking at someone.

Armed forces invade a house. The house is actually on Worcester, MA, and the scenes were filmed in early May. See some set photos here.

Okay, what's going on here?!

Who's driving that car? Looks like someone's chasing the driver.

Kurt Caldwell looking worried.

Angela and Dexter entering a basement.

A girl running scared in the middle of the night. No clue who she is, but she might be the victim at the crime scene we saw in the previous pics.

Run Dexter, run! Is he after someone, or someone's after him?

We had to zoom in, in order to have a better look at this: Dexter is injured on the left side of his face.


Looks like Dexter's mad here, trying to protect himself, or perhaps defend his... store?

Oh, what's that? It looks like...


Dexter's covering the blood with snow. "This is all about blending in".

Dexter: New Blood. Coming November 7th.

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