David Magidoff Talks 'Really Satisfying' Season 9 And Working With Michael C. Hall: "I Heard He Was Quiet, But He's Not"

Dexter revival actor David Magidoff teases the new season.

David Magidoff/Instagram | Showtime

One of Dexter's casting additions for the upcoming ninth season is David Magidoff from Apple TV's 'The Morning Show'. On Dexter he plays the role of Teddy Reed, who has been a cop in Iron Lake for two and a half weeks. 

His character description says he's good-natured, quirky, hardworking, eager to please; and a little scared of his boss, Police Chief Angela Bishop. In a new interview with 'DreamPath Podcast', Magidoff talked about season nine and his experience working with Michael C. Hall.

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Q: Dexter's being called Jim Lindsay now, this has been revealed in some teasers. Why is he called Jim Lindsay and why is he there as Jim Lindsay?

A: "I know, I just can't say, but I think it's going to be really, really satisfying especially for people who watched the show.  I think it's gonna be a very satisfying 10 episodes and just some great people on the show. Michael C. Hall is just... I mean, I can't say enough about him. I heard he was quiet going into working with him, and he's not... I mean he can be, but he's funny he's charming and he's great. He's the kind of guy who sets the tone of the whole show and everyone's having a real chill time out here. And I think a guy like Michael, who doesn't ask for much, who doesn't demand anything, who just shows up every day and does his job and is a great guy. It's beautiful to see people like that and set the tone".

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