Julie Benz On A Possible Rita Morgan Reappearance: “Dexter Doesn't Need A Rita Ghost In Season 9, But I Would Do It In A Heartbeat If They Asked”

Dexter alumna Julie Benz talks about Rita Bennett/Morgan and Season 9.

Julie Benz Instagram/Showtime

Julie Benz returns to television tonight, on Lifetime's 'Secrets of a Gold Digger Killer' portraying Celeste Beard, a manipulative, evil and parasitic woman who married her husband for money before orchestrating his death. Yep, that's a very different role compared to Rita's. 

Although it’s been almost 12 years since the Arthur Mitchell aka The Trinity Killer murdered Rita, Julie claims that fans still associate her with her character on Dexter.

“People on social media who fell in love with Rita approach me like I’m her, and I have to say, ‘Oh no! I’m not that nice.'”

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In a brand new interview with TVLine.com she said that it’s equally wonderful that Michael C. Hall is reprising his titular role for another season, even if Dexter picks back up without her. 

“I think Dexter has moved way past Rita,” Benz suggests. “It doesn’t make sense for her to be on his mind as a ghost because she was only his cover. He didn’t internalize her, so there are no plans for Rita to show up. I would obviously do it in a heartbeat if they asked. But I’ve always said Rita shouldn’t make an appearance in his head because she didn’t know the real him. She didn’t know the Dark Passenger.”

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