Jamie Chung Reveals More Details About Season 9: "It Picks Up From The [Spoiler], Original Cast Members Are Coming Back"

Dexter Revival co-star Jamie Chung (once again) teases season 9.


Recently, actress Jamie Chung who is going to play Molly in the ninth season of Dexter spoke with People about the show (see article here). In an all-new interview, this time for website Pop Culture, she spilled more important details about the return of everyone's favorite fictional serial killer.

Read the interview below, and beware of spoilers!

Jamie Chung said:

"There's an interview from me like over 10 years ago, and they're like okay, what now, what would you like to do and I was like... I really want to be a part of a show that I love, one being Dexter and now I'm on the show, the revival, and I'm so excited". 

"You know, we have original cast members coming back. It literally picks up from the last season finale. I do believe that Clyde Phillips and Michael C. Hall listened to the fans who they're were left wanting for a proper closure, so I think they're definitely going to get that. I read through every episode and I was like "wow!" really, really exciting stuff. I believe it comes out sometime in late fall".

This ain't the first time Jamie suggests that original cast members are coming back. Last time, in her interview with People she said "...you have a lot of fresh faces, but a lot of familiar ones." Some people though she was speaking metaphorically, but apparently she wasn't". 

Dexter, Debra (not officially confirmed yet, but 100% sure)... which other original characters are coming back?

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