Who Is Jim Lindsay? Here's A Dexter Season 9 Script Page With Director Notes By Marcos Siega!

Director Marcos Siega posted a script page from an actual Dexter episode!

Marcos Siega/Showtime

Minutes ago, director Marcos Siega who returned to the franchise to direct six episode of the new season of Dexter, posted a page of the actual script! At first sight everyone thought his account was hacked, but minutes later, director Sanford Bookstaver and writer Scott Reynolds shared the exact same script in their accounts as well. Oh, and Jennifer Carpenter was tagged in the image.

Which episode is this page from? Who's Jim Lindsay? Let's take a closer look at the script in full size. Possible spoilers ahead!

So, this is the script page. (Click to enlarge)

The majority of the lines which apparently are the important ones, are redacted... as expected. According to Scott Reynolds this page belongs to an episode written by Clyde Phillips. Few months ago we told you here on DexterDaily that Clyde has written the first and the tenth episode of season 9. This has to be a page from the first episode. 

Did you see that little pic on the right? That's an actual still from the episode. Let's enlarge it and take a closer look at it.

Dexter Morgan inside Fred's Fish & Game shop! Check here ICYMI.

Back to the script, we also see more notes by Marcos, as well as a little sketch of someone holding a what appears to be a smartphone or tablet.

Key words from the script: "gleaming skinning knives", "bone handles", "lethal", "trophies", 'weapons", "kills", "laminate" and last but not least... "Jim Lindsay".

So, who's Jim Lindsay...? Perhaps we know. 😉

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