Dexter Revival Scoop - Medford And Worcester Set Photos Reveal Details About Specific Scenes

Medford and Worcester are the latest cities where Dexter is currently filming.


Recently, we posted a bunch of new photos from the set of the new season of Dexter in Worcester (see here), as well as this article about Dexter filming at a [spoiler] in the town of Medford, Massachussets. 

Well, new photos from these specific filming spots emerged, and pretty much reveal more information about two scenes. Read more below, and beware of possible spoilers!

Let's start with the following photo from Medford. Few days ago, local website reported that one of the week's filming locations will be at the Lawrence Memorial Hospital. 

As you can see in the pic below, this Ford F-150 (Dexter Morgan's actual truck) which is parked outside the hospital is an indication that Dex is going to be involved in that scene. Our guess is that he'll be visiting someone who's hospitalized.

Image credit: Alex R. Miller


Friday, May 14. A SWAT (special weapons and tactics) van was spotted on the set of Dexter which is located in Colby Avenue in Worcester. Something big is about to be filmed, but unfortunately we don't have any further information about the actors that are going to be involved in that scene. More images from the same location later that night, below.

Image credit: @jennahp

Image credit: @jennahp

Image credit: @jennahp

Image credit: @jennahp

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