Dexter Season 9 Will Shoot Scenes At A [Spoiler] In Medford, MA This Week

Production for the new season of Dexter is on fire lately!


Yesterday we told you that Dexter is filming scenes inside Fairmont Copley Plaza which is a 4-star hotel in Boston, Massachusetts. Local website reports that tomorrow Dexter will also be filming scenes in Medford, which is 6.7 miles northwest to Boston. 

The location they will be shooting tomorrow in Medford may be a spoiler, so... spoiler warning! Read more, below!

According to, television crews for Dexter will be at Lawrence Memorial Hospital tomorrow Wednesday, May 12 and also Thursday, May 13. 

Filming will be limited to two spaces within the hospital and two exterior night-time shots. Crews began setting up shop at the hospital today. 

We don't know yet which characters are going to be involved in these scenes, but it looks like they will be brief, which means it's highly unlikely a main character will be hospitalized. But... you never know!

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