Dexter Actor From Seasons 1-8 Says He Won't Be Returning In Season 9

This regular cast member reveals that he won't reprise his role in the new season.


Season 9 of Dexter is currently filming, and Michael C. Hall is the only officially confirmed main returning actor to the franchise thus far. Today, we have a new video from Cameo, featuring a major Dexter actor who actually reveals that he will not be reprising his iconic role in the upcoming season which premieres this fall. 

Find out who he is, below! Spoiler warning!

James Remar aka Harry Morgan says he won't be back in Season 9.


James Remar: "I will not be back as Harry Morgan on Dexter Season 9. Thank you for saying that Harry is one of the best characters you've seen on a TV show. It's one of the best characters I've ever had the chance to play. Especially season one. They didn't ask any of the original cast back, so I don't know what they're doing... I really have no idea. It's too bad because all of us wanted to go back. But, you know, it's their show, so they're gonna do what they wanna do".

They actually asked one more original cast member other than Michael C. Hall to return. This one. 😉

Check out the actual James Remar video below. Thanks to Ahmed for sending it to us!

Dexter Morgan won't be the only return character in the revival. Jennifer Carpenter was also spotted on the set, but he's not allowed to say anything about it as it isn't officially announced yet. If he isn't actually bluffing, that means Jennifer Carpenter will be fully replacing his 'ghost' character in this new season. Say goodbye to ghost Harry. Hello ghost Debra!

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