Actor Benjamin Breault Has Joined The Cast Of Dexter Season 9 - Will He Play Teenage Harrison Morgan? [Updated]

(Speculation) Is he going to portray Dexter's son Harrison in the new season?

UPDATE: Benjamin Breault told DexterDaily he won't be playing Harrison in the new season, so our conjecture is not correct.

Back in early March, 21 year-old actor Benjamin Breault announced via his Facebook page that he landed a recurring role on Dexter. It's a casting addition to the new season of Dexter that only few people knew about, until now.

Breault, who was born in Boston, Massachusetts, is mostly known for his role on Netflix's 'The Society'. Unfortunately, there's no official information yet about his role in the upcoming ninth season of Dexter, which makes as suspicious about a potential secret key role: Harrison Morgan.

Read more below and beware of possible spoilers!

As you may already know, the events of the upcoming ninth season of Dexter will take place a decade after the events of the series finale. That means Harrison Morgan will be almost fourteen years old in the revival. 

Benjamin Breault/Facebook

Last time we saw Harrison was in the final moments of the season 8 finale. He was left alone with Hannah McKay in Argentina after his father Dexter faked his death and moved to Oregon to live a solitary life working as a lumberjack. We obviously have no clue what happened to him afterwards, but it's highly likely he somehow found out his father Dexter is alive and well, and returned to him.

Hollywood in general is known for casting adults at their 20s in order to portray teenage roles in films and TV shows. Actor Devon Graye was twenty years old when he portrayed teenage Dex in the flashbacks of the first and second season of Dexter. 'Spider-Man' is another example, as both Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield were at their late 20s when they were chosen to play seventeen year-old Peter Parker.

Benjamin Breault on the set of Dexter in New England Studios:


Benjamin avoids to answer questions related to his role on Dexter on his social media. 

Sure, teenage Harrison's presence in the upcoming season will be very important and game-changing. Note: This is just a conjecture, and nothing apart from his appearance in the new season is officially revealed or confirmed. Time will tell if our... little 'theory' is correct!

UPDATE: Benjamin Breault told DexterDaily he won't be playing Harrison in the new season, so our speculation is not correct.

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