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Monday, April 12, 2021

Michael C. Hall Talks Season 9: "Dexter's Life Is Completely Recontextualised"

Michael C. Hall discusses the return of everyone's favorite serial killer.


In a brand new interview for website 'Louder Than War', Michael C. Hall (mostly) talked about his alternative electronic-pop-rock band 'Princess Goes To The Butterfly Museum'. When asked if he was surprised by the decision to bring the show back he said:

"I was pleasantly surprised that a story emerged that felt worth telling. I wasn’t surprised that it came back in that there’s been an appetite for it, both from some fans, but also from the network. Oh, he didn’t die, let’s do more, let’s find out what happened to him. But I think the surprise was that a story emerged that felt worth telling".

Read more, below!

"As far as what I can reveal about the new show is, I don’t want to say much, other than as you can imagine given where we left him his life is completely recontextualised. He’s in a different place leading a different life surrounded by different people. And the fact that I’m talking to you from Concord, Massachusetts suggests that it’s not all going to be sun and sand."

If you interested in Michael's band 'Princess Goes To The Butterfly Museum' click here to read the whole interview!

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