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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Filming Dexter Season 9 - Another Video From Last Week's Set Location

Another scene was filmed in the center of Shelburne Falls.

Filming in the little town of Shelburne Falls officially wrapped last Friday, after ten days. Last week we posted these videos which feature Michael C. Hall fiming scenes outside the 'Iron Lake police' in the middle of the night. 

Today we have for you another similar video from April 14-15, this time featuring another actor. Continue reading, to watch it!

Swipe to the left to watch the video!

One of the scenes that were filmed in Shelburne Falls included police patrol cars. First police car is the MA state police escort. The van in the middle is 'bad guy' POV. In the last one there's a camera in the car hood, obviously because there's a specific actor inside. But, which actor is driving it?

According to a frame by frame look at the footage, the actress driving the police car is Julia Jones. I mean... that cute chin is quite unique!

As we mentioned in previous posts, Jones, mostly known for her role in 'The Mandalorian', with portray Angela Bishop. She's the first Native American Chief of Police, and has a teenage daughter.

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