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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Dexter Revival - New Videos Show Michael C. Hall Filming Actual Scenes Of Season 9!

First video footage of Michael C. Hall filming scenes from Season 9! 


As you may already know, Dexter is currently filming in Shelburne Falls, a little town in Massachusetts. Throughout the past few weeks, we posted various set photos from the filming location, and Michael C. Hall between takes. 

Today we have for you videos of Michael C. Hall filming actual scenes for the new season of Dexter. There are three videos available, and you can watch below! Possible spoilers ahead!

Swipe left, to view the videos in our latest Instagram post!

Michael C. Hall entering the Iron Lake Police building. Dexter looks quite upset here.

Michael C. Hall getting ready to filming a scene at night. 

Michael C. Hall filming a scene in Dexter's car. Who's that strange woman with him?? 👀

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