Dexter Season 9 - First Look At Michael C. Hall As Dexter Morgan In The Revival!

An official first look at everyone's favorite serial killer in the new season is here!

Dexter revival is currently in its third week of shooting, and we finally have an official first look at what Dexter Morgan looks like in the new season.

This brief look at Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan in Season 9 was revealed in the ViacomCBS sizzle reel that played for investors on February 24th. A promo/teaser of the new season is expected to come soon! Check out below, photos of Dexter in the new season!

 Dexter last time we saw him on screen vs. now.

Shorter haircut, no lumberjack beard, same badass Dexter vibe! Aging like fine wine.

Hello again, Dexter Morgan!

Photos via Showtime

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