Michael C. Hall Teases 'Wild' Dexter Revival, Jokes About the Series Finale: "Everyone That Was Talking To Me Said They Loved It!" [Video]

In a new video interview with Entertainment Tonight Canada, Michael C. Hall discusses Dexter's return, the 2013 series finale and more.

Michael talks about his new alternative rock band "Princess Goes To The Butterfly Museum" and the upcoming highly anticipated Dexter revival with ET Canada's Graeme O'Neil.

Regarding the return of America's favorite serial killer he says: "I’ve never returned to anything in this way, after this much time, and acting as if all the time that’s passed has in fact passed for the character and they just turn the cameras back on, it’s gonna be wild." He adds: "There’s definitely a desire to give the show, give the character, an ending that’s a little less confounding".

When asked about people's reaction to the series finale he jokes "I don’t know what you’re talking about… everyone that was talking to me said they loved it!”

Watch the full interview below. The Dexter part begins at 11:23.

Source: ET Canada

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