The Dexter Kids In 2020 - What 'Astor and Cody' Look Like Today?

Christina Robinson and Preston Bailey aka Astor and Cody. Their last appearance on Dexter was in the 7th season, back in 2012. What do they look like now, eight years later?

Many of you may be wondering what happened to Rita and Dexter's kids after the finale. Well, since we don't know what's exactly the fate of Astor and Cody on the show after the 'lumberjack' ending, let's see what the actors who portraited them, look like in 2020.

Christina Robinson

Christina Robinson 22, was on Dexter ever since the pilot episode back in 2006. She appeared on the show for 47 episodes in every season except seasons 6 and 8. 

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It’s the simple things these days 🌞

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Preston Bailey

20 year-old Preston Bailey appeared on Dexter since season 2, replacing season one's Cody, Daniel Goldman (which we don't have any idea where is he or what does he look like today). Preston was part of the show in total 35 episodes of Dexter from 2007 to 2012.

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goes to nyc and takes pictures of trees (and trains)

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Bonus! Season five to season seven 'Harrison' played by twins Luke Andrew Kruntchev and Evan Andrew Kruntchev in 2020:

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