All Eight Seasons of Dexter Ranked By IMDb Average From Worst To Best

Now that the upcoming Dexter Revival is on its way, let's take a look at the best and worst seasons of the series, according to the votes on IMDb.

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Although Dexter's overall rating on IMDb was 9.1 out of 10 before the release of the final season back in 2012, it still stands strong with 8.6/10 as we speak, out of 637K total votes. 

Let's see which seasons are the weakest and strongest according to peoples' votes throughout the years, by IMDb average!

#8: Season 8 (2013) - 7.5/10


No surprise here. The final season of Dexter has the lowest rating with 7.5. The best rated episode is 8.01 "A Beautiful Day" and the worst rated... that right, the series finale "Remember The Monsters?" with 4.6/10. 

#7: Season 6 (2011) - 8.3/10

The sixth season of Dexter is on number 7 with 8.3/10. The religion-themed season didn't manage to approach the level of the past seasons. Season 6 Finale "This is the Way the World Ends" is the best rated episode of the season with 9.2/10. The worst one is 6.07 "Nebraska" with 7.9/10

#6: Season 3 (2008) - 8.5/10

Season 3 is on number 6. Best rated episode is 3.10 "Go Your Own Way", an episode where Miguel and Dexter's ill-fated friendship is starting to collapse. Lowest rated episode is 3.03 "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" with 8.2/10.  

#5: Season 5 (2010) - 8.7/10

The post-Rita season, is on number 5. The best rated episode(s) of the season is 5.09 "Teenage Wasteland" tied with " 5.10 "In the Beginning" with 9.0/10. The worst rated one is 5.05 "First Blood" with 8.1/10.

#4: Season 7 (2012) - 8.8/10

Ah... season seven. Probably the most underrated season of the series as it's right between six and eight, aka the worst ones. The IMDb rating say otherwise though, as it's on the top four of the series. Best episode is the season premiere "Are You...?" with 9.5/10. Lowest rated episode is 7.06 "Do the Wrong Thing" where Dexter does the right(?) thing and... sets Hannah free instead of killing her.

#3: Season 1 (2006) - 8.9/10

One number 3 is the first season of Dexter. Best rated episode is the season finale titled "Born Free" with 9.6/10. Lowest rated episode is 1.02 "Crocodile" with 8.2/10.

#2: Season 2 (2007) - 8.9-10

The Bay Harbor Butcher season is on number two. Best rated episode is 2.09 "Resistance is Futile" where Doakes finds out about Dexter. Lowest rated episode is 2.04 "See Through" with 8.5/10.

#1: Season 4 (2009) - 9.0/10

No suprise here. Season four, aka the Trinity season is considered the best season of Dexter, and one of the best in any series. Although it's pretty hard to find a bad episode in Season 4, the lowest rated one is 4.03 "Blinded by the Light" with 8.3/10. The best one, is the season finale named "The Getaway" with 9.8/10.

Do you agree with these season rankings? 

Rank all seasons of Dexter from worst to best, in the comments below!
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