Michael C. Hall Admits He Wants a Dexter Reboot: “It’s an Amazing World, and... He’s Not Dead!”

In a world full of film and TV reboots every year, a Dexter reboot isn't far from actually happening.

In a new interview with Variety, Michael C. Hall discussed (once again) the possibility of the return of America's beloved serial killer Dexter.

And that's actually the first time since the show's ending in 2013, he actually expresses publicly his willingness to play Dexter again.

“People on the street are always telling me about the talk of a ‘Dexter’ reboot,” said Hall of the popular Showtime series in which he starred for eight seasons. “There have been little percolations, but nothing that’s felt worth pursuing.” The actor is open to the idea — “it’s an amazing world, and he’s not dead” — but, he added, “I don’t have any immediate, definitive plans to do any of that.”

What do you think? Are you still into the idea of a Dexter continuation?

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