Jennifer Carpenter Welcomes First Baby!

Jennifer Carpenter is officially a mother! She gave birth to her first child back in May, but the former star confirmed the news to ET at the Limitless TCA panel few days ago.

Jennifer's rep confirmed she was engaged to Seth Avett, who's a member of the band The Avett Brothers, in February. She was actually already eight and a half months pregnant when she shot the Limitless pilot in April.

"I was also eight and a half months pregnant when we shot, so I feel like I was walking on set going, 'Are you sure I'm supposed to be here?'" she admitted to ET. "But there were such heavy hitters, from the production team to Bradley Cooper being a part of it, and the movie having been something I really enjoyed. ... The transition from going from something where I was dealing with someone who never had a reason to smile [her role as Deb] to now I'm on a set where I'm holding back laughter and hoping that I don't mess up a take and slow us down, it's a lot of fun."

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