Dexter: Most Shocking Episodes Is Now Available on DVD - See Which 10 Episodes Are Included

Back in December it was announced that there will be an all-new DVD release for the die-hard fans of Dexter, which includes show's ten most shocking episodes. The DVD collection is now available, and contains episodes from every season, except seasons 3 and 8.

Extras: Dissecting Dexter Part 1: Dexter's Origins, Dissecting Dexter Part 2: Dexter's Awakening, Dissecting Dexter Part 3: Dexter's Coming of Age, The Kill Room, The First 2 Chapters of "Dexter in the Dark", Penny Dreadful Season 1 Episode 1.

List of episodes:

1. Dexter (Pilot)
2. Born Free (Season 1)
3. Resistance is Futile (Season 2)
4. The British Invasion (Season 2)
5. Hello, Dexter Morgan (Season 4)
6. The Getaway (Season 4)
7. In the Beginning (Season 5)
8. This is the Way the World Ends (Season 6)
9. Are You...? (Season 7)
10. Surprise, Motherfucker! (Season 7)

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