Michael C. Hall: "I'm Interested In Doing New Things, But I Don't Want to Disregard the Relationship I Have With Showtime"

Six months after Dexter"ended its eight-season Showtime run, title star Michael C. Hall is involved in other projects -- including his participation as one of the celebrity "correspondents" in Showtime's global-warming documentary miniseries "Years of Living Dangerously," premiering Sunday, April 13 -- but he admits traces of Dexter and his "Dark Passenger" remain.

"It's been a bit busier than I had anticipated," Hall tells Zap2it of his career lately. "I went and shot a movie right after the show ended ('Cold in July,' slated for a May opening after being shown at this year's Sundance Film Festival), then within a few days, I was off to Bangladesh [for 'Years of Living Dangerously']. Then I had a couple of weeks off before the play I'm now doing, so I've been busy. And that's been good.

"I certainly appreciate, not just consciously but even subconsciously, how playing a part for that long develops certain muscles that aren't necessarily going to serve you in a new context," Hall adds of his tenure as Dexter that earned him Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild and Television Critics Association Awards. "I'm still aware of the residue of that experience being in me, but I feel it trickling away."

It isn't that way for many "Dexter" devotees, though, since Hall still finds them coming up to him "all the time" to talk about the show. Read the rest of the article after the jump!

"They'll ask me about the ending," he confirms, "and tell me why they found it troubling or unsatisfying, or on the other hand, they want to distinguish themselves by saying they liked the ending. I think it would be really foolish or naive to think a stranger is coming up to me because they want to talk about the weather ... though after 'Years of Living Dangerously,' maybe they will."

Now starring on Broadway opposite Toni Collette, Marisa Tomei and "August: Osage County" writer Tracy Letts in "The Realistic Joneses," Hall reflects that the theater is "really where I come from. The work I've done on television has been great, but it's prevented me from really doing much on stage.

"I'm interested in doing new things, but I don't want to disregard the relationship I have with Showtime."

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