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Monday, March 31, 2014

PHOTOS: Michael C. Hall and Morgan Macgregor Attend the "If/Then" Broadway Opening Night

Michael C. Hall and girlfriend Morgan Macgregor attend the "If/Then" Broadway Opening Night arrivals at Richard Rodgers Theatre on March 30, 2014 in New York City. Check out two more pics after the jump!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

LOOK: Michael C. Hall On 'Years of Living Dangerously' - Behind-the-Scenes Photos

Take a look at five official behind-the-scenes photos from the new Showtime documentary 'Years of Living Dangerously' which debuts on April 13.

The documentary event series explores the human impact of climate change. From the damage wrought by Hurricane Sandy to the upheaval caused by drought in the Middle East, YEARS OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY combines the blockbuster storytelling styles of top Hollywood movie makers with the reporting expertise of Hollywood's brightest stars and today's most respected journalists.

View more BTS photos of Michael C. Hall after the jump!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

James Remar to Guest-Star on TNT's 'Franklin & Bash'

via TVLine: Dexter‘s dad James Remar will guest-star on the TNT legal drama as Cliff Menders, a hard-nosed and intimidating strip joint owner who’d rather fire a pole dancer than pay her an extra nickel out of his own pocket. He’s a guy who expects to win every confrontation — including his day in court against F&B.

Remar will appear in the same episode as previously announced guest star Kevin McKidd (Grey’s Anatomy), yet in a different storyline. So don’t expect him to go asking what was up with Shane.

In addition to his Dexter role and a recent run on Grey’s Anatomy, Remar’s recent TV credits include voice work for Beware the Batman and The Legend of Korra, and appearances on Wilfred and the Hatfields & McCoys mini. Franklin & Bash premieres its fourth season on Wednesday, Aug. 20, at 10 pm, leading out of the series debut of Sean Bean’s Legends.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Happy Birthday, Julia Stiles!

Today Julia Stiles turns 33. Born Julia O'Hara Stiles on March 28, 1981, in New York City, she is of Irish, Italian and English stock. On Dexter she played the role of Lumen in Season 5. She's currently starring in the third season of WIGS YouTube series 'Blue'. Happy b-day Julia!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Michael C. Hall Dishes on His Return to the Stage and 'The Realistic Joneses'

AP Photo
via sctimes: Michael C. Hall has turned a page, broken with the past, made a break.

No more sawed-off limbs, gruesome murder, headless bodies or infants sitting in puddles of blood. His serial killer Dexter is no more, giving way to a Broadway play about two suburban couples.

“There’s really no room for so much of what Dexter called on me to do in this. Including killing people, thankfully,” says Hall in his freshly painted Broadway dressing room.

So the body count is low? “Just a squirrel,” says Hall.

Hall is one of an impressive quartet of actors starring in Will Eno’s play “The Realistic Joneses.” The former Showtime sociopath joins Toni Collette, Marisa Tomei and Tracy Letts.

A dark comedy, the play is about two couples who have more in common than their identical homes and their shared last names. It’s an off-kilter work about the thirst for human connection and understanding.

It was the perfect antidote to Hall’s post-”Dexter” blues. Few may know that before he picked up the scalpel, Hall was a thespian and a song-and-dance man and now he wanted to return to theater. He even did an early workshop for the Broadway-bound “Big Fish” but his schedule didn’t work out with “Dexter.” Read the full article after the jump.

PHOTOS: Ray Stevenson Attends the 'Divergent' Premiere In Los Angeles

Dexter alum Ray Stevenson and his pregnant girlfriend Elisabetta Caracca arrive at the premiere of Summit Entertainment's 'Divergent' at the Regency Bruin Theatre on March 18, 2014 in Los Angeles, California. Click here to view more photos.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

PHOTOS: Michael C. Hall Drops by NBC Studios For 'Today' Show

Michael C. Hall drops by NBC Studios for an appearance on the 'Today' show on March 25, 2014 in New York City. View more pics after the jump!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

VIDEO: Michael C. Hall on Dexter Spin-off: "I'll Plead the Fifth"

Michael C. Hall talks to NBC's TODAY about returning to the bright lights of Broadway in "The Realistic Joneses", getting out of the death business and addresses the recent spin-off buzz. Hit the play button to see the interview:

'24: Live Another Day' - New Official Trailer Featuring Yvonne Strahovski

In the newest trailer for the 12-episode special event series of '24' which was released earlier, we get a first look at Kate Morgan, the new CIA agent played by Yvonne Strahovski. Kate Morgan is been tracking Bauer, who's been a fugitive and will stop at nothing to hunt him down. Check out the trailer below!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Dexter Props Being Auctioned at $.99; Ending April 7th-8th, 2014

 The Dexter Prop Auction has begun a new set that ends April 7th-8th, 2014! Prices have been slashed down to $.99 with a low reserve on every prop, all original production-used props from the Showtime series 'Dexter'. This is in a move to put original Dexter props into the hands of the fans that want them the most.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to offer these one-a-kind props to fans that want them most at the prices they want to pay while also benefiting a good cause in the process,” says the auction co-manager who has a vast history with the ‘Dexter’ series.

A portion of each sale will be donated to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, the world’s largest voluntary health agency dedicated to blood cancer. (Dexter star Michael C. Hall recovered from the cancer hodgkin’s lymphoma and is a major proponent of the LLS.)


Friday, March 21, 2014

Desmond Harrington Lands a Series Regular Role In ABC's Pilot 'The Astronaut Wives Club'

Cool news via TVLine: Desmond Harrington is joining ABC’s new Space Age from Fake Empire, Groundswell Productions and ABC Studios.

He has landed a series-regular role in ABC’s 10-episode summer series The Astronaut Wives Club, TVLine has learned.

Written by Stephanie Savage based on Lily Koppel’s novel, it's set during the height of the space race, and follows a tight-knit group of women whose husbands are astronauts.

Harrington will play real-life astronaut Alan Shepherd (aka the first American in space). He is competitive, steely, and has a wry sense of humor.

The actor joins an ensemble led by JoAnna Garcia, Azure Parsons, Zoe Boyle and Odette Annable.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

PHOTOS: Jennifer Carpenter on the Set of the ABC Drama Pilot 'Sea of Fire'

Via JustJared
As you may know Jennifer Carpenter has landed her first post-Dexter role. She will be the main character of ABC pilot 'Sea of Fire'. Production has began few days back and here are the first photos from the set from March 12 and 19.

TV Show Synopsis: Teen Porno. Murder. Secrets of a Small Town. An American adaption of the Dutch series Vuurzee, Sea of Fire is about FBI agent Leah Pierce (Jennifer Carpenter) and local sheriff Marty Kesowich (Jack Davenport)’s investigation into the fallout from a teen pornographic film on the girls’ families and others in the idyllic American town of Serenity Falls, played by North Vancouver’s Deep Cove this week. Does the uncompromising FBI agent alienate everyone with her blunt questions or can she and the sheriff find a way to work together? Does the sheriff delve into the crimes or cover up his seemingly perfect daughter Merel (Isabelle Cornish)’s involvement. The scene: FBI agent Leah Pierce (Carpenter) asks Sheriff Kesowich (Davenport) about the missing girl Jane.

Check out more photos after the jump!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Michael C. Hall: "I'm Interested In Doing New Things, But I Don't Want to Disregard the Relationship I Have With Showtime"

Six months after Dexter"ended its eight-season Showtime run, title star Michael C. Hall is involved in other projects -- including his participation as one of the celebrity "correspondents" in Showtime's global-warming documentary miniseries "Years of Living Dangerously," premiering Sunday, April 13 -- but he admits traces of Dexter and his "Dark Passenger" remain.

"It's been a bit busier than I had anticipated," Hall tells Zap2it of his career lately. "I went and shot a movie right after the show ended ('Cold in July,' slated for a May opening after being shown at this year's Sundance Film Festival), then within a few days, I was off to Bangladesh [for 'Years of Living Dangerously']. Then I had a couple of weeks off before the play I'm now doing, so I've been busy. And that's been good.

"I certainly appreciate, not just consciously but even subconsciously, how playing a part for that long develops certain muscles that aren't necessarily going to serve you in a new context," Hall adds of his tenure as Dexter that earned him Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild and Television Critics Association Awards. "I'm still aware of the residue of that experience being in me, but I feel it trickling away."

It isn't that way for many "Dexter" devotees, though, since Hall still finds them coming up to him "all the time" to talk about the show. Read the rest of the article after the jump!

Monday, March 17, 2014

'Dexter Down Under' Comic Book Series by Marvel: The Cover of Issue #2

Here's the official cover for the second issue of Marvel's comic book series, 'Dexter Down Under', written by Jeff Lindsay and illustrated by Dalibor Talajic.

Variant Cover by Mike Perkins
• It’s a new, blood-soaked adventure starring Dexter Morgan, who isn’t just Miami’s #1 forensic blood splatter expert…he’s also a serial killer who targets other serial killers!
• When Dexter travels down under, he quickly discovers that sharks aren’t Australia’s only deadly predator!
32 PGS./Parental Advisory …$3.99

Monday, March 10, 2014

'The Realistic Joneses' Starring Michael C. Hall - TV Commercial [Video]

Check out below the official TV commercial for Michael C. Hall's "The Realistic Joneses". Written by Pulitzer Prize finalist WILL ENO and directed by SAM GOLD (Fun Home, Seminar), it’s an outrageous, inside look at the people who live next door, the truths we think we know and the secrets we never imagined we all might share. Hailed by The New York Times as "a tender, funny and terrific new play with the spring's most enticing new cast," THE REALISTIC JONESES moves into Broadway's Lyceum Theatre on March 13.

Friday, March 7, 2014

An Official First Look at Yvonne Strahovski on '24: Live Another Day' [Photo]

Entertainment Weekly has an exclusive first look at Yvonne Strahovski on the event mini series of 24, 'Live Another Day'. Yvonne plays Kate Morgan, a brilliant but impulsive CIA field operative in London. 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

PHOTOS: Michael C. Hall Attends the Opening Night of 'The Open House'

Michael C. Hall attends the ‘Open House‘ opening night in New York, March 03, 2014. Check out two more pics after the jump!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Aimee Garcia Joins CBS Drama Pilot 'Red Zone'

via deadline: Dexter alumna Aimee Garcia has joined the CBS drama pilot Red Zone, written by Nikki Toscano and directed by James Foley. It centers on retired CIA operative Holden Weller who, when a terrorist event rocks Washington, D.C., is pulled back into action, forced to investigate caswellcloser to home where the next generation of terrorists are being bred.

Garcia, will play Vera Bradley, a whip-smart, driven and impatient case officer with the CIA’s Counter-Terrorism department.