Dexter Stars Before Dexter - James Remar and David Zayas [Videos]

Do you remember actors from Dexter in film and television roles, before they actually star in Dexter? If not, let's go back in time. Our first 'Before Dexter' is about two favorite actors who were on the show since day one: James Remar aka Harry Morgan, and David Zayas aka Angel Batista. Take a look at them when they were much younger, in some of the most significant television and film roles of their career. More after the jump!

Actor: James Remar
Age: 60
Film: "Cruising" (1980)

Back when he was 27, Remar portrayed a gay man in the fourth movie of his career, called 'Cruising'. Take a look at his role below:

One year earlier he starred on "The Warriors":

Actor: David Zayas
Age: 51
TV Series: Oz (1997-2003)

One of the first roles in Zayas's career was in the television series "Oz" as Enrique Morales. In that show he wasn't a good guy at all!

More articles about favorite Dexter actors, coming soon...

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