POLL: Dexter's Love Interests - Who Was the Best For Him?

Lila: Dexter's mentor, she thought she knew his secret, she became irritating and dangerous.
Rita: Dexter's wife. She had no idea about Dexter's dark side.
Lumen: A special woman for Dexter, she found out and accepted who he really is.
Deb: She realized that she's in love with her brother, then she found out about his secret.
Hannah: Serial killer, she knows about Dexter's dark side, she was about to live a life with Dex and Harrison.

We posted a similar poll few months back, but without the 'Deb' option. Well, now that the show is over, which of these women from Dexter's life do you think was the best for him? Vote in our poll below, and sound off!

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