POLL: Rita, Lila, Lumen, Hannah - Which Was the Best One For Dexter?

Rita, Lila, Lumen, Hannah. Four important women in Dexter's life. Rita became Dexter's wife after fours seasons and she was killed by Trinity in the Season 4 finale. She had no idea about Dexter's dark side. Lila first met Dex in Season 2. She was his mentor, she thought she knew Dexter's secret, she bacame irritating and dangerous and she was killed by Dexter, in the finale of the second season. Lumen was something special for him, he found out and accepted who Dexter really is. She left by the end of the fifth season. Hannah, Dex's latest relationship, also found out that he's a serial killer. She was a serial killer too, but a dangerous one. She escaped from jail during the Season 7 finale and she'll be back. Which one was the best for Dexter? Vote below and sound off!

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