Aimee Garcia Dishes on Dexter Finale: "It Was Hard For People to See Their Favorite Antihero So Sad"

via Zap2it: Whether or not you agreed with how Dexter ended in the series finale, something that all fans can agree on is that the drama was one iconic show ... and star Aimee Garcia, who played Dexter's nanny and Angel's sister Jamie, knows it.

"It's really nice to be a part of a show that got such critical claim but also has such commercial success," Garcia told Zap2it at Elyse Walker's Ninth Annual Pink Party on Saturday Oct. 19. "I joke about how we have more Facebook fans than 'Modern Family' or 'American Idol.' I went deep sea fishing in the Cook Islands and the fisherman didn't have a TV but he knew about 'Dexter.' It has that global reach."

Garcia is very outspoken over how lucky she is to have been a part of such a huge pop culture phenomenon. "At Comic-Con we had 6,500 screaming fans," Garcia says. "I feel very lucky and honored to be part of something like that. People can go through their whole careers without experiencing something like that." Hit the 'read more' button for the rest of the interview.

And Garcia knows exactly who is responsible for making the show what it is: series star Michael C. Hall. "I'm spoiled after working with Michael C. Hall for three years. It's like dating a great guy, it's really hard to go back from that," Garcia says. "I keep telling him, 'You basically ruined me.' I've been flying private jets and now I have to go back to coach. Eventually I'm going to have to get back on the horse. It was an incredible gift and I'm very grateful for it."

So where does Garcia fall on the spectrum of loving or hating how the series ended? "I loved it. I know that a lot of people either really hated it or really loved it. It was very polarizing," Garcia says. "But I think that people really wanted something flashy to happen like Dexter taking his own life or someone killing Dexter, like Deb killing Dexter. They wanted it have a nice, neat little bow on top of the present. But I think it's the saddest thing to see a protaganist, this charming serial killer that you've learned to root for, to not have his father, not have his kid, not have his girlfriend, not have his sister, not have his friends, and not even have his inner thoughts. That last scene, he doesn't even have his voiceover, so to me that's him punishing himself for everything that he's done. It's so much more heartbreaking than escaping through death. But it was hard for people to swallow that. No one wants to see their favorite anti hero so sad."

But whether or not fans liked series finale, Garcia believes it was a success because the fans are still talking about it. "It's something that stays with you and the fact that we're even talking about it now, to me that's how a great series should end," Garcia says. "It wasn't pretty, it was depressing, I was upset and throwing things at the TV. I was so angry and unsatisfied but that's how a great series should end. It should eat you up inside and make you think afterwards."

Garcia was attending Elyse Walker's Ninth Annual Pink Party hosted by Anne Hathaway on Saturday (Oct. 19), and was excited that everyone had gathered for a meaningful reason. "It's so nice to get dolled up but it's better to get dolled up for an event that so specifically supports women," Garcia says. The party -- attended by over 800 guests -- raised $1.7 million to benefit the Women's Cancer Program at Cedars-Sinai's Samuel Oschin Comprehensive Cancer Institute, tipping the event's cumulative gross revenue (from 2005-2013) to over $9 million. "I wouldn't be here if it weren't for strong women in my life and I don't want to lose any more strong women to cancer. We lose so many amazing women to breast cancer every year and I love that this event is working to stop that from happening by educating women and helping them detect something in stage one before it gets to stage four."

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